The Venue

The venue will be held in the Cefalù Sea Palace hotel. Cefalù is a small historical city located in Sicily, Italy.
Cefalù is located on the north coast side of Sicily and it is known for the Norman cathedral, a fortress-like 12th-century structure with elaborate Byzantine mosaics and tall twin towers.

The Travel

Cefalù is about 70 km far from Palermo, the capital of the region of Sicily.
A direct railway connection is available from Cefalù and the main station in Palermo. The railway station in Cefalù is close to the town center and at 8 minute of walking distance from the Sea Palace structure.

Cefalù Sea Palace

Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina, snc, 90015 Cefalù PA 0921 925011 | 0921 925016